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Right now you are overwhelmed.

Overwhelmed with choice.

Making money online is a beautiful nightmare for beginners.

The potential…

The future riches…

The dream lifestyle…

It’s within your grasp.

You see others living exactly how you want to live.

Meeting up around the Globe.

Travelling First Class.

Living in villas in paradises like Koh Samui, Bali, Dubai and more.

It both motivates you and terrorises you.

You look on their Instagram stories and each day they are doing cool shit.

You constantly see jet skis, nice watches, steak dinners, cigar nights…

They have exactly what you want.

The truth is…

They have just figured something out that you haven’t.

It’s not that they are more intelligent than you.

And sometimes,

They don’t even work as hard as you.


It’s true.

What they did was they worked on the RIGHT thing.

At this moment in time, you have tried making money in many realms.

You make a few dollars here and there…

SMMA, Dropshipping, Video Editing, Amazon FBA,

But nothing stuck.

Nothing made you enough money to allow you to quit your shitty job or travel out of the West.

Maybe you worked hard to make it work.

Maybe you didn’t.

That’s irrelevant.

The cold hard truth is that you’re stuck.

Author: Malcolm