Foreclosure Academy – Foreclosure Secrets

What You Get:
Foreclosure Secrets
Learn how to turn tax foreclosure nightmares into a wonderful dream for yourself and others by utilizing a hidden government system that allows EVERYTHING paid into a home’s mortgage to be paid back out to its previous owners. Learn how to properly navigate this federal system and get every single penny paid back into the pockets of those who deserve it… not the government’s! Many previous home owners have paid off a large percentage of their homes, yet lost it due to troubling times – completely unaware that they may be entitled to compensation and retribution of all those funds! Earn more – do less.

Unlimited Foreclosure Leads Secrets
Worried about the ability to find enough people? Not even sure where to start looking for these home owners who have went through a tax foreclosure? There are government databases that are accessible (after approval) that give you a “treasure trove” of leads for free! Once you have this information in hand, you can call the local county clerk and discover how much money is owed to each individual and determine what your percentage will be before doing another minute of work!

Best States Ranked in Order of Profitability
Tired of wondering where to even begin in the process? Don’t want to search all 47 states that offer tax overages to their citizens and determining which ones will deliver you the best payouts? Well wonder no more! In fact, some states that have high tax overages are NOT always the best ones to begin with… why? Because some states have a very “specific attitude” and not every community is easy to work with – that’s why we are giving you our personal list of the best states (and people) to work with.

Quick-Close Call Scripts
Do not make a single call until you have our proven script that walks you and the previous home owner through the entire process. Our rule is, “if a toddler can understand it, so will everyone else” and that’s what these scripts are all about – simple explanations for people in trouble. Close more deals in less time with a proven formula to walk anyone step-by-step through what could be called “a complicated process”.

The Finder’s Fee Legal Paperwork
You do not need a lawyer to write up a finder’s fee contract, which is often custom made for each transaction and can become awfully expensive – awfully quick! Get our template document and fill in the blanks, it’s that easy. You’ll never worry if you’re going to get paid because this contract secures your rights well ahead of someone getting their payment from the federal government. Even better, it allows anyone to freeze a bank account with legal rights to seize any money owed.

Unclaimed Property Law Secrets
No more worry about what overages are soon to expire, we have a select map that allows anyone to see what the unclaimed property laws are and understand when a claim needs to be submitted. We’ve personally seen students who had $20,000 checks ready to ship, only to find out that the listings they had been working on had already expired. No more troubles with wondering what to do – by pursuing the best states and getting the correct time frames to collect.

Author: Malcolm