Ben Adkins – The $10 Day Local Ad System

What You Get:
Part 1:
“$10/Day Local Ad System” from 10k Feet.
You’ll get a view of exactly how the entire system works to get new customers for your agency clients (and even how to get more agency clients when you use the $10/day ad in your agency).
Part 2:
How to ?nd the Perfect “$10/Day Ad Clients .
You’ll learn exactly how to Gnd the right businesses that are willing to pay $1000+/month (plus ad cost)
for you to implement the “$10/day local ad system”.
Part 3:
The “$10/Day Local Ad Creative” Revealed.
You’ll learn exactly how we put together the special ad copy and image that we use to power each of these special ad campaigns (once you see how the pieces come together, you’ll understand exactly why these ads are so effective when we run them in a local market).
Part 4:
How to set up each “$10/day ad inside of the Facebook ad editor.
You’ll don’t have to be highly technical or a Facebook Ad expert to run these ads effectively.
Just follow the step by step setup guide that Ben walks you through and you’ll have a repeatable formula to use for every single client.
Part 5:
How to close 5 local fb ad clients in the next 30 days for $1000+/month (plus ad spend).
We’ll go through the exact process of Gnding, closing, and delivering a successful “ad growth” service to your clients and how to keep delivering results every month for them (and how to keep adding 5 new ad clients every single month after your Grst month).
Bonus #1:
The “Ad Creative” Fill in the Blank Questionnaire.
Each ad is powered by a special testimonial structure.
In this section, you’ll get the Gll in the blank questionaire that makes it easy to create each set of ads for a new client.
Bonus #2:
The “$10/Day Local Ad Creative” Canva Template.
There’s no need to create the ad image from scratch.
Steal Ben’s eye catching ad creative template and use it to create all of your client’s ads in under 5 minutes.
Bonus #3:
The landing page template that we point all of our $10/day ads at.
You’re getting the exact page template that we use to setup a page that shoots our ads conversions through the ceiling
(actual sales not just clicks).
Bonus #4:
How to get clients for your agency using the exact same “$10/day ad strategy” in your own business.
You’ll learn the exact process of using these special ad creative to grow your own agency
(the same way that you’re helping clients with these special ads).

Author: Malcolm