Jaume Ros – SEO Mastery

What You Get:
Apart from the 7 hours of HD, jam-packed, SEO content there’s a few more perks that you get from purchasing this SEO course.
Course curriculum:
SEO Basics
Welcome! + What to expect
Fundamentals + Google’s Algorithm
Keywords – Part 1 (What are they & how to find them)
What is a Keyword?
What is Search Intent?
Short Tail vs. Long Tail Keywords
What keywords does your content currently rank for?
Search Console Set Up
How to do Keyword Research
Ahrefs Keyword Explorer
Keyword Research
Authority in SEO
What is authority in SEO?
It’s not as easy as you think
Keywords – Part 2 (Competitor Analysis)
Keyword research starts here
Who are our competitors
Content check
Keyword Research Strategies
My 3 fave strategies
Content in SEO
Why do we need content?
Ecommerce Content
SAAS / Service Content
Blog / Afiliate Content
Local Business Content
Basic (But ESSENTIAL) Content Structure

Author: Malcolm