Feibel Trading – The Ultimate Guide to Springs and Upthrusts

The Ultimate Guide to Springs and Upthrusts is a fully comprehensive course, designed for the trader that has limited time to devote to trading mastery, as offered via LPA: Logical Price Action – The Complete Course. The course provides two high quality setups; one being bullish and the other bearish in nature, both providing high odd plays that occur daily across all asset classes and time frames.

The course is unique as we deliver a blueprint for Spring and Upthrust mastery unseen in the trading world. Each setup is refined meticulously and individually categorised, providing important variations that may crucially increase the odds of success. Our attention to detail provides an additional edge to the trader.

Springs and Upthrusts are the most frequent and powerful setups found within our methodology and finally receive a dedicated course. Case studies cover many instruments that include but not limited to currencies, stocks, commodities and indices.

Author: Malcolm