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April 8, 2021
Internet Marketing

Get the Exclusive Collection of Our TOP-Performing 10X Organic Posts, 10X Emails, and 10X Paid Ads – Delivered as Templates You Can Swipe and Deploy Immediately
Become a pro copywriter
Be a talented “wordsmith”
Get your “grammer” right (lol)
​Or do anything other than fill-in-the-blanks!

From the Desk of Taylor Welch
T&F Headquarters – Franklin, TN

Dear Friend…
If you ever find yourself…

Agonizing over what to write in your organic posts, and when you finally get something published, it’s to an audience of crickets (or friends who post GIFs)…
Sending emails that pass by like a silent ship in the night, with low open rates, maybe a handful of clicks – but definitely never the applications or revenue you need…
Spending hundreds or thousands of dollars every month on ads that barely get a click, mostly spam comments, and do not turn every
Most of all…
If you can’t seem to get the clients and revenue you need from your posts, emails, or ads…

…Then what I have put together is for YOU.
For the first time ever, we’re pulling back the curtain and allowing YOU to get your hands on a collection of templates that are unlike anything we’ve ever released.

These “Turbo Templates” Built a Business Empire – And Are Helping 20,000+ of Our Students and Clients
These templates are our BEST performing organic posts, emails, and paid ads… like EVER. They still work… In fact…
We’ve built a business on the back of these templates.

In the last 12 months TF has produced dozens of 7-figure entrepreneurs and nearly a hundred 6-figure entrepreneurs.

Instead of figuring this out on your own, and writing thousands of drafts, hundreds of posts, emails, and ads…
One day I say to Chris…

“Why don’t we just give away our TEMPLATES – so people can simply fill-in-the-blanks?”

He didn’t know what to say, lol…

So I made the executive decision to get it done.

Get the “Turbo Templates” Responsible for a Surge of Qualified Leads & High-Ticket Clients Every Month
If you KNOW you could get the perfect clients and grow your business… if you could only:

Write and publish magnetic ORGANIC POSTS that rose to the top of people’s newsfeeds and commanded their attention and engagement…
Send flawless EMAILS that got opened, clicked, drove results, and consistently delivered revenue from your small (or big) email list…
Turn every into or more with advertising because your ADS struck the perfect balance between hooking attention, stoking desire, and driving clicks (and sailing past compliance, phew…)
Then you could definitely use our collection of “Turbo Templates”.

Ordinary templates are boring…
These are not ordinary templates…
These templates are soaked in behavioral science, sales psychology, human intel, and modern conversion strategies.
We give you the original posts, emails, and ads…

Then reveal how you can REPLICATE them…

In a way that’s UNIQUE to YOU, your business, and personality.

Crazy, right?

But awesome, at the same time.

So… I’m gonna cut-to-the-chase and get straight to the point… here’s what you get:

Effortless Attraction + Conversion of Clients from Social Media, Without Advertising, Spamming, or Wasting Time with Webinars
The “client acquisition game” CHANGED for experts, consultants, and service providers.

The new rules of social media, engagement, authenticity, and what people pay attention to allowed a few players to rise to the top…

We figured out, early on, how to leverage organic posts on platforms like Facebook.
Our “Hyper Organic” strategy made it possible for experts to finally have a fighting chance – and get the attention, engagement, and CLIENTS they need.

We’ve compiled 10 of our BEST performing organic posts…

With a detailed template for EACH ONE.

All YOU have to do is review the original post and video, to get a feel for what we’re doing…

Take the template, fill in your words…

And BAM! You got a proven post that could help you land those clients.

Take a look at what you’re getting:

Post Template #1: Why? Because Reasons ← Use this to speak directly to the hopes and dreams of your market. Then convert them.
Post Template #2: The Problem with a Million Things ← Use this to bust misconceptions and myths your clients might have.
Post Template #3: Stop Doing These Things! ← Set yourself apart with this one, by being a little contrarian.
Post Template #4: Call Out + Desire + Do This… ← This formula is great for driving applications or sales.
Post Template #5: The Turning Point ← Pack an emotional punch that resonates deeply with your market.
Post Template #6: Two Ways ← Frame the decision your potential clients need to make, the right way.
Post Template #7: Hot Topic Deep-Dive ← Perfect for attracting massive attention.
Post Template #8: Flawless Interview ← Talk to an expert, piggyback on their credibility.
Post Template #9: Hyper Ask-Me-Anything ← So good for positioning yourself as The Premier Expert.
Post Template #10: Serial Delivery ← Wildly popular, successful way of delivering content AND getting clients.

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