Tommy Griffith The ClickMinded SEO Course

Clickminded Teaches You Exactly How To Get Higher Rankings And Get More Traffic As Quickly As Possible.

Here’s just a taste of what you’re getting in the course:

Setting you up for success
Discover the 22 tools I use to create the ideal environment setup to make your SEO life easier (and why every digital marketer should use this setup.)
The ONE thing you need to do before implementing your SEO strategy (this will make things a lot easier for you down the line)
How you can strategically use SEO to boost your entire sales funnel

What you need to know about organic search
A simple explanation of how SEO fundamentally works, and more importantly, what SEO is NOT
How to implement the ClickMinded Search Framework to ANY search engine (Google, Yelp, Amazon, Pinterest, YouTube, Quora, etc) so you can optimize for any platform and start ranking your content
How the idea of “query refinement” is one of the most important and underrated aspects of search engine optimization, and why just being on the first page of Google isn’t good enough anymore (you’ll also learn the ideal search engine position you should aim for and why.)
An in-depth explanation of the relationship between your sales funnel and searcher intent so you know which keywords belong in the top, middle, or bottom of the funnel (this will help you decide what kind of content to create for your users)

Understanding exactly what users want to create a powerful data-driven strategy
I’ll walk you step-by-step on how to do keyword research by doing it for a brand new website (you’ll be able to apply the same process to your own site and discover massive opportunities)
Why you should use 3rd party tools instead of the Google Keyword Planner (and how to use them)
The 2 things that should drive your digital marketing strategy (and why you shouldn’t trust your gut)
Why you should overinvest in keyword research (your competitors aren’t doing this, so you beat them by putting the work upfront)
How to create a content plan based on your keyword research (and how to estimate the revenue to be generated by each piece of content)
How to reverse-engineer your competitors to find easy ranking opportunities (even with a new site)

How to create content that ranks in search engines
How to get higher rankings by solving the “Document Relevancy” problem
The most common misunderstanding when it comes to optimizing content
The 8 on-page elements you need to optimize to SEO-proof all of your content (and the exact step-by-step process to get it done)
How to use Latent Semantic Indexing and why it’s important with the introduction of Google’s RankBrain (you’ll learn how to take advantage of “thematically relevant” keywords to get higher rankings)
Using “Link Neighborhoods” to boost your rankings by leveraging your competitor’s highest-ranking pages
How to discover quick and easy traffic wins that don’t require you to create any new content

Google’s #1 ranking signal and how to influence it
The change in Google’s algorithm that changed the nature of link building forever (this is why most cheap link building services you find in Fiverr or Upwork just don’t work.)
My favorite process and SEO tools to find link prospects at scale (plus, how to analyze the “link profile” of massive websites, how to use that data to copy their strategy, and outrank them)
How to use a “CRM for link building” to sending personalized emails that get links
My 4 favorite tactics to build white-hat links (that work for any industry)

Technical SEO for non-technical people
Introduction to Google Search Console and how to squeeze as much data about your search traffic as possible (plus, how to spot and fix common errors that prevent search engines from finding and indexing your pages.)
How to prepare for the mobile-first index (with modules about optimizing page speed, and the right and wrong ways to create a mobile-friendly site.)
Dealing with “Keyword Cannibalization” when you have thousands of duplicate pages (if you’re dealing with ecommerce websites, you HAVE to do this right.)
Why “structured data” is probably where the future of SEO lies (spoiler alert: this is critical for voice search.)
How PayPal and Airbnb managed optimizing sites for hundreds of languages and countries (and the 3 ways you can solve this problem yourself)

How to create an SEO-friendly site from scratch (+ my favorite tools)
Launching a new site from scratch for your company or a client? In this step-by-step walkthrough will make sure that your strategy is bulletproof from the get-go

BONUS: Lifetime access to ALL 5 of our SEO mini-courses
SEO is not just about Google. The search framework can be applied to any platform with a search engine.

Local SEO Mini-Course: Do you or your clients have a local business? Learn how to optimize your site for local searches
Shopify SEO Mini-Course: Learn the exact process to set up an SEO-friendly Shopify store from scratch
Pinterest SEO Mini-Course: Pinterest is more like a search engine than a social network. Learn how to get your pins and boards ranked and generating traffic to your site
YouTube SEO Mini-Course: YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world. This mini-course will teach you how to get your videos ranking in YouTube search results
Amazon SEO Mini-Course: Running an eCommerce business and selling on Amazon? This mini-course will show you how to optimize your products for Amazon search

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