Stefan Georgi – TikTok Shop Sales Machine

Here’s What’s Included:
How to create a TikTok Shop Affiliate account from scratch, even if you have ZERO followers (this includes the “Loophole Method” and the “5k Account Acquisition” strategy for skipping the line and starting to sell right away!)
The secret to selling to the ultra-profitable US market… from ANYWHERE in the world (you’ll discover the “1% Method” for getting paid, along with the must-have tools that make it all possible)
WiFi Money Guy’s personal blueprint for finding the most viral, profitable products to promote (including how to get access to the powerful Shoplus + KaloData combo… without breaking the bank!)
​The art and science of creating TikTok videos that rack up views and SELL like crazy (I’m even throwing in my own personal collection of high-converting hooks and scripts to get you started!)
​How to leverage the power of AI to churn out user-generated content that builds trust and drives sales… WITHOUT constantly putting your own face on camera!
​The “unwritten rules” of TikTok Shop… and how to make sure your account NEVER gets slapped with a violation!
​Advanced strategies for selling your OWN products on TikTok Shop (this is how you create a true “infinity funnel” that scales to the moon!)

How to create a TikTok Shop Affiliate account (even with 0 followers)
– The Loophole method (0 followers TikTok Shop)
– 5k Account Acquisition (skip the line and begin selling right away)
Selling to the US (from abroad)
– The 1% Method (getting paid)
– Tools needed to make it work
How to find viral products
– Using Shoplus + KaloData (how to get it for cheap)
– Training the FYP

Find the most red-hot, profitable angles for your TikTok videos
Use AI to craft scroll-stopping hooks that practically force viewers to pay attention… IN SECONDS
Ethically “hack” the TikTok algorithm to put your videos in front of the RIGHT eyeballs at the RIGHT time
We’re talking:
How to start generating revenue on TikTok with as little as ZERO upfront cost (and no more than $500 if you want to put your foot on the gas)
The secret sauce to creating TikTok videos that stop the scroll and drive massive engagement and sales (even if you’d rather not show your face on camera)
The sneaky method that is generating thousands of dollars per day in commissions without having a single viral video on TikTok.
WiFi Money Guy’s hard-won strategies people are using to scale their TikTok affiliate business to the tune of $500, $1000, or even $2k+ per DAY
​How to leverage the power of AI to create “ethical deepfakes” that do the heavy lifting of selling for you

Author: Malcolm