Sean Terry Marketing Mastery X

How To Manipulate These 27 Advertising Channels To Generate More Contracts With A Custom Marketing Plan Tailored To Fit Your Budget From $500/mo – $25k/mo And Beyond!

Here’s what you get inside this course:

Week 1
Module 1: Marketing Mastery X Introductions And Expectations
Module 2: The Science Of Direct Mail
Module 3: Distressed Lists Vs Non-distressed Lists
Module 4: Inheritance List – Where To Get It And What To Mail Them
Module 5: Property Tax Default – Why I Love This List And Where To Get It
Module 6: Vacant Properties – The List, Locating The Seller And A Ninja Way To Build Buyers
Module 7: Pre-foreclosure – The Freshest List And How How To Make The Offer
Module 8: The Perfect Property Avatar – 80/20 Rule On Your Deals To Find Your PPA
Module 9: Absentee Owners – The Best List And Strategy
Module 10: The Owner Occupant Neighbourhood Property Stacking System
Module 11: The No Data Off The Radar Hidden List

Week 2
Module 1: Online Marketing Mastery
Module 2: Google Adwords PPC Ads for 24/7 Lead Generation
Module 3: Bing & Yahoo PPC Ads for Total Market Domination
Module 4: Youtube Videos for Instant SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Module 5: The Facebook Seller Suck: Suck Leads out of Facebook

Week 3
Module 1: Bandit Sign Billions using this Killer New App
Module 2: Local Newspaper Old Fashion Lead Drop
Module 3: Yellow Pages – Yes, We Get Deals from The Yellow Pages
Module 4: RVM Lead Machine – Pull High Quality Leads for Less than .10 Cents a Piece
Module 5: TV Ad super Blitz – How to Be Seen Everywhere!

Week 4
Module 1: Cold Calling the Legal Way – Generate $10 leads
Module 2: Realtors Referral Formula for Free Deals Consistently!
Module 3: Follow Up Fortunes Overview
Module 4: Voice Broadcast – SMS Text – Email Domination
Module 5: Meetup Millions – How to Be The Authority in Your Market

Author: jacob