Russell Brunson Funnel University

What Is the Funnel University?
Many people understand that university means only huge buildings, academic activities, faculty and doing classes under the supervision of teachers with physical attendance. Online university has changed the idea. Online classes can be taken through the online sitting home.

The Funnel University or simply FunnelU is a similar university. It is basically a varsity of online marketers, businessmen, IT entrepreneurs etc. Here the secret formula about internet marketing is taught. Everything is taught in a practical way through the live video. The depth discussion is delivered on how to increase sales, determining marketing strategies, and many more.

It is very easy to become a skilled marketer by taking courses costing a little money from the university. And if you become skilled in the funnel marketing then the client will run behind you. Funnel University is something like a blessing for digital marketers.

What Will You Get After Getting Admission in The University?
Here is the list of what thing you will get from the very beginning from this university after getting admission.

Funnel University Newsletter (Individually, market worth of which is $9,997)
The New “Funnel Stacking” Book (Individually, market worth of which is $297)
108 Split Test Winners Book (Individually, market worth of which is $297)
Funnel-U Black Card + Handouts (Individually, market worth of which is $497)
The DotComSecrets Labs Software Suite (Individually, market worth of which is $997)
CF Pro Tools Software Suite (Individually, market worth of which is $1,997) Over 30+ Scripts to Make ClickFunnels EVEN COOLER!
Funnel-U Digital Access Pass (Individually, market worth of which is $2,997)
You may find it very unfamiliar for you. So here is more detail information about these.

Funnel University Newsletter (Individually, Market Worth Of Which Is $9,997)
You will be given a printed newsletter of Funnel University in the beginning. Basically, it has been made by compiling all the magazines, newsletters together in 2016 and 2017. In this, there are lots of lectures, tutorials, tips, videos, secret formula and marketing strategies for funnel marketing. This newsletter of ClickFunnel’s price is $9997 separately.

However, if you do the course here you will get it totally for free. For those who are not able to buy this newsletter due to lack of money, there is a great opportunity to get newsletters for free by having funnel courses in the funnel university. There is a long two-year discussion in it and it is not necessary to say how much help it will be. We will say that Funnel University has brought blessings to all.

Author: jacob