Ruben Hassid – How to Prompt ChatGPT

Prompt Engineering: Simplified.
I reached 100+ million people sharing my prompt techniques on the internet.

I ended up being an international speaker on prompt engineering for Google (Tel Aviv), LinkedSummit (Denmark) or the B2B Summit (Paris).

Today, I share everything I know in one masterclass.

How to prompt ChatGPT
☑ 9 videos to know how to prompt.

→ The basics

→ Zero-Shot vs. Few-Shot

→ Tree of Thought Prompting

→ Multimodality

→ Chain of Thoughts

→ Advanced Prompt Engineering

→ Meta Prompting

→ Create A Prompt With Me #1

→ Create A Prompt With Me #2

The copy-paste library
☑ My personal Notion prompt library.

→ Marketing prompts

Blue Ocean Strategy
Viral Campaign
The Omni-Channel Roadmap
The Brand Storytelling Template
Brand Identity
YouTube → Content Ideas
Perfect Hook
Twitter Thread Generator
Viral Post Analyzer
Content Calendar
→ Writing prompts

Pixar Storytelling Framework
Children Book
Script Writing
Nike Ad Script
48 Laws of Power Copywriting
Revamp Landing Page
Real time voice translation
Speech like Steve Jobs
TED Talk
Creative Brief
→ Business prompts

Find Your Ikigai
Job Interview Simulation
Resume / CV
Cover Letter
One-Person Business Plan
Solopreneur Content Plan
The Netflix Effect
Stoicism Guidance
Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle
Tree of Thought
CSV: Analyse my form
→ Sales prompts

Quote Maker
Chris Voss Techniques
Harvard Negotiation
Value first
Linkedin Invitation Note
☑ All of my Cheat Sheets & resources.

Author: Malcolm