Mike Shreeve Email Academy

How I earn $450/Hour Writing Emails For Clients . . .
. . . and how I earn 3x that much writing emails for myself (more about that further down this letter).

Let’s not beat around the bush:

If I could show you how to earn $1000 in one day by writing a few emails for clients from the snuggle comfort of your couch, would you be interested?

How about if I showed you how to land writing contracts with clients who happily pay $4K-$10K per month (per client) just to write emails?

What if I could show you how I write one email for my own business and get sales results like this every single time I hit “send”:

Here’s my goals for you when you order Email Academy today:

You master the craft of writing emails that sell in all 5 of the Major Email Disciplines
You develop a daily habit of client getting (on just 15 minutes per day)
You start adding more and more monthly retainer clients thanks to your ability to write emails that get results

Pretty simple, right?

It’s also going to be wildly profound for your Freelancing business when you’re able to move forward with confidence knowing that you can provide measurable results for clients and they’ll keep you on a more permanent basis as a result of that.

So, while it appears simple, it has profound implications, and that’s why it works.

Author: jacob