Mike Balmaceda & Ty Cohen Six Figure Success Academy

Here’s What You Get Inside Six Figure Success Academy

Week 1: Crash Course In Webinars
Week 2: Partner With People Like “Bob”
Week 3: Create Your “Money Maker”
Week 4: Preparing For Maximum Success (Setup)
Week 5: Generating $1 ,000 Payments on Demand
Week 6: Optimize & Scale
BONUS #1: The 8 Hottest & Most Profitable Niches To Start In Today
BONUS #2: The 24 Hour “Bob” Fast Start Package (2 Sentence Email & Sources)
BONUS #3: Instant Webinar Success Package: Beginner Shortcut & Automated Setup
FAST ACTION BONUS #1: 10 Days To Six Figure Success: Daily Cheat Sheet
FAST ACTION BONUS #2: $10K in 90 Minutes+ : Over-The-Shoulder Case Studies
FAST ACTION BONUS #3: $1 OM+ Easy Webinar Creator: Exact Software That Made $1 OM++
FAST ACTION SUPER BONUS 1: The “Max-Out-Your-Webinar” Package (Super script & Sources)
FAST ACTION SUPER BONUS 2: Copy-And-Paste Secret To 5-1 OX All Sales on A Webinar Promotion
FAST ACTION SUPER BONUS 4: Words We Use To Turn $5k into $301<-$50k+
FAST ACTION SUPER BONUS 5: “Dream Vacation” Formula- Scale to $1 01<+ In Less Than 30 Days
FAST ACTION SUPER BONUS 6: The Mountain Of Profit Blueprint: Become Your Own “Bob”!

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