Marcus Pereira – eBay Dropshipping Academy 2

What You Get:
Introduction and Foundation
1.1 Welcome To eBay Dropshipping
1.2 The Process And What To Expect
1.3 Mindset
1.4 Common Mistakes To Avoid
Setting Up Your Accounts
2.1 Creating Your eBay Account
2.2 Creating A Shopback Account + BONUS
2.3 Buying An eBay Store
2.4 eBay Store v No Store
2.5 eBay Promos And How To Utilise Them
2.6 What To Do If UNDER 18 Years Old
2.7 Tracking Profits
2.8 Increasing Selling Limits + SCRIPT
2.9 Taxes
2.10 Which Marketplace To Sell On
2.12 How To Live Chat eBay
Getting Paid
3.1 Managed Payments & Signing Up
Avoiding Bans & Suspensions
4.1 *WATCH* A Common Suspension
4.2 When You Make A New Account
4.3 Avoiding Suspension & Bans
4.4 MC011
Finding And Sourcing Products
5.1 Do NOT Overcomplex It
5.2 Not Sure Where To Start? Do These Steps
5.3 My PERSONAL Top 10 Used Suppliers
5.4 Product Research – Reverse Sniping
5.5 Product Research – Sniping Sellers
5.6 Advanced Competitor Research
5.7 *STEROIDS* ZikAnalytics – Sniping Sellers
5.8 Finding Products LIVE
5.10 How To Find NEW Suppliers
5.11 *BONUS* Using Competitors To Make $1000
5.12 How To Scale From $0-$10k/m
5.13 *LIVE* Auditing Your Store
Listing Products
6.1 Listing Products Manually
6.2 Listing Sniped Products
6.3 Shipping Settings
6.4 Running The Business From Your Mobile
6.5 Listing Products On Your Mobile
6.6 SEO Your Listing Title & Cover Photo
6.7 Best Pricing Strategy
6.8 Sponsored & Promoted Listings
6.9 Why You Should List Daily
6.10 Listings Not Showing
Fulfilling Orders
7.1 How To Fulfil Orders
7.2 Bonus Profit Through Shopback
7.3 Bonus Profit Through Gift Cards
7.4 Dealing With An Out Of Stock Order + SCRIPT
7.5 What To Do When A Product Is Out Of Stock
7.6 What To Do When A Supplier Changes Price
7.7 Returns & Refunds
7.8 Uploading Tracking Numbers
7.9 *NEW Tracking Rule*
7.10 What To Do If A Buyer Does Not Pay
Customer Service
8.1 Common Customer Inquiries
8.2 Maintaining Good Seller Metrics
8.3 Item Not Received Cases
8.4 Buyer Asked To Cancel Their Order
9.1 What Is Feedback And Why Does It Matter
9.2 How To Avoid Negative Feedback
9.3 Removing ANY Negative Feedback
9.4 How To Get More Positive Feedback
9.5 How Feedback Increases Sales
Bonus Topics
10.1 How To Become A Top Rated Seller
10.2 Low Performing Listings
10.3 GST Exemption On Fees (IF Eligible)
10.4 Is Your eBay Account Flagged?
10.5 *BONUS* How To Fix Low Ranking Listings
Stealth Accounts
11.1 Making A Stealth Account
11.2 Benefits Of A Stealth Account
11.3 Should You Make One?
Scaling From $10k-$100k/m
12.1 Breaking It Down
12.2 Best METHOD To Scale
12.3 Managing Multiple Orders
Automating Your Business
13.1 What Is Automation?
13.2 Do NOT Use Software
13.3 How To PROPERLY Automate
14.1 How It Works
14.2 Setting Up Rewards Accounts
14.3 Bonuses From Credit Cards
14.4 Getting The FREE Flights
15.1 Conclusion & Support

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