Kevin David Digital Course Secrets

Initial Steps for Making A Course Online
Designing Your Course
What’s the ideal length?
What should I charge?
How do instructors and students interact?
How difficult is it developing the class training?
How to make good money from your training?
Different Kinds of Online Classes
1. Coaching
2. Masterclass
3. MOOC’s
Earning Potential
Importance of a Positive Mindset
The Key Steps in Creating Online Courses
1. Choose the Topic
2. Researching the Topic
3. Lesson Planning
4. Writing Course Objectives
Reinforcing Content
5. Creating Content
Finding Useful Material
6. Video Lessons
7. Building a Strong Community
8. Determining Pricing
9. Selecting The Right Learning Management System
The Best Program To Invest In
Digital Course Secrets
by Kevin David
Promotional Methods
1. Email
2. Direct Selling
3. Complimentary Consultation
4. Facebook Groups
What Not To Do
Videos Too Long
Doubt Yourself
Not Doing Trial Runs
Final Thoughts

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