Kevin Anson Video Ad Bootcamp

What Does A… ‘Video Ad’ Mean To You?

For everyone it’s different…

For some of you, you want to run a video ad but you have no idea where to start. Plus you’re not a “video guy or gal” with years of experience.

Or maybe you’re currently running ads but you’re not getting the results you want.

Or you’re tired of spinning your wheels trying to learn how to make your own videos that generate results.

For some, you’ve already tried making videos or video ads but it just didn’t work so you gave up.

And for others of you, you’re looking for that one video ad that will finally generate you or your clients business RESULTS.

Before I share MY GOALS for YOU with this ‘Video Ad Bootcamp’… let me ask you a few questions…

Which of the following are a YES for you right now?

I want to run a video ad, but have no idea where to start.
I’m currently running video ads, but not getting the results I want.
I’m overwhelmed with the tech involved in creating a video ad.
I’m confused about how to create a video ad that captures people’s attention.
I’ve tried running a video ad in the past but it didn’t work so I gave up.
I’ve always wanted to learn video ads from someone who has a track record of results.
Great! If you answered YES to any of the questions above, then this program is 100% for you!

Are You Standing Out From The Competition Online?

Social media nowadays is CROWDED with marketers and businesses who are all saying the same thing…


And a lot of these people are using the same generic video template…

“I was living out of a dumpster and now I drive a Ferrari, buy my ‘thing’…”

“I was overweight, but now I’m not, buy my ‘thing’…”

“My marriage was on the brink of failure, now it’s not, buy my thing…”

While those messages are great, and some are true and authentic…you’re fighting for attention in a VERY CROWDED marketplace.

So how do YOU stand out?!?!

The answer is you have to create AUTHENTIC, ENGAGING and EYE-CATCHING videos that stop & attract your ideal clients!

This is exactly why I created…

Video Ad Bootcamp

This same Secret Video Ad Formula is currently working for video marketing agencies, solopreneurs, business owners, and even video creators…

It’s working for Ads Experts who have been running Facebook and YouTube Ads for YEARS!

It’s working for people who have ZERO video and technical experience.

It’s even working for video creators who have created HUNDREDS of videos for YEARS and YEARS!

This Video Ad Bootcamp was designed to help you:

Stand OUT and ACTUALLY become visible by your ideal clients

Start running your own Video Ads that actually work, using my proven formula that no one else knows about.

Have clients chasing after YOU instead of YOU chasing after THEM.

This proven formula works! Join today to avoid burning through your ad dollars on crappy ads that don’t generate results!

This Is How Video Ad Bootcamp Works

You will learn everything you need to know about creating and structuring a high performing Video Ad for various platforms like FB, IG, and YT.

WARNING: The price of this Bootcamp will increase to $997 soon. You have the unique opportunity to learn a skill that 99% of entrepreneurs and marketers do not know, WHILE also getting an edge on your competition. You’ve been warned: This program will NEVER EVER be this cheap again.

Are you standing out from the competition online?

You ‘could’ hire me and my Video Ads Agency where my clients happily pay me well over $5,000 to strategize and consult on their Video Ad campaigns.

But lucky for you, I’m not going to ask you to hire me…

With everything in this program…

it’s worth well over .

I’ve been told by my clients that I should raise the price to over!

But hurry because the price is heavily discounted today at!

So don’t wait, you have to act fast…

Here’s A Fraction Of What You Get

Planning, Copywriting & scripting The Perfect Video Ads
Shooting& Sourcing The Perfect Content For Your Video Ads
Crafting/Editing ANY Video Into A High Converting Ad
BONUS: The Secret To High To Converting Meme Videos
BONUS: Extra Video Hacks To Increase The Conversions Of Any Video
BONUS: FB & IG Thumbnail Secrets Ensuring Your Ads Don’t Get Denied
BONUS: Dissecting Real Examples Of High Converting Ads
This Secret Video Ad Formula is the fastest path to creating highly profitable video ads…

What happens if you pass on this unique opportunity?

At this same time next year, will you still be stressed out about your business, unable to create videos or ads that could exponentially grow your business?

What happens if you DO decide to take action on this limited time offer right now?

(Most likely, the same thing that’s happened with so many of my other students who followed the formula I teach)

You start booking new leads while you sleep

You start growing you business and changing your life

You can even finally quit your day job if you have one…

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