Jose Rosado – Crash Course Copywriting

What You Get:
Crash Course Copywriting Guide
Inside this guide you’ll discover:​

What’s copywriting
What’s not copywriting
A completely forgotten way to study your customers
Clever ways to speak to your audience in their own language
The 7 cardinal sins of copywriting that you MUST avoid (unless you want to end up in Copyhell).
A simple market research method to get inside people’s minds
Little-known ways to make sales by overcoming your customers’ objections
The one key detail that will ethically force people into buying your product
How to write copy and tell a story that leaves your audience wanting to buy
Anatomy Of Irresistible Sales Page
Inside this guide you’ll discover:​

The anatomy of a sale page
The 12 ingredients of a persuasive sales page that will turn readers into buyers.
What ONE thing you must absolutely include in your sale pages
Examples of highly-profitable sales pages you can steal from me
8 magnetic headlines to grab your reader’s attention (tested and proven to work)
Sales page template
45 hook templates
The Only Market Research Strategy You’ll Ever Need​
You’ll discover:

An answer to, “What the hell is Market Research?”
Get access to the Market Research Matrix spreedsheet
Discover the simplest and fastest way to perform a market research
Understanding your Market’s pains and aspirations
Shortcuts to find high quality information about you niche and market
A failproof methodology to learn everything you need to know about your customer’s dreams and nightmares.
Learn copywriting faster by tracking your progress with an easy-to-follow worksheet.

Bonus #1: Go Viral Framework (Video)
Discover what I did to go viral on Instagram not once, but 4 times within a span of 30 days – and gain 55,290 new followers.

Discover the ultimate copywriting framework to write posts and captions that go viral
Watch how I show my inner-circle students how to use this framework with their ideas
And more!

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