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Make Sure Your First 300-500 Words Do The Job They Need To Do

We’ll talk more about what that job is in just a bit.

First, I want you to understand why having a properly set-up Lead for your marketing funnels is even more critical today than ever before, yet trickier than ever.


Because your prospects are even more distracted… more occupied… more sensitive today than ever before, with everything going on in the world right now.

People, in general, including your prospects are simply not paying the same level of attention to the marketing hooks and openers and leads which were working even just a couple of months ago.

And this is why the entrepreneurs and marketers still using the same approach to the way they set-up the opening to their marketing messages in the past are now seeing:

Less sales
Less conversions
Less buyers
And having a brutal time trying to make their traffic generation efforts work.
A lot of wasted time and a lot of wasted money.

All because these entrepreneurs and marketers are clinging to what worked in the past… and haven’t adapted their campaign Leads to what’s working today when it comes to capturing their prospects’ attention.

Meanwhile, the entrepreneurs and marketers tweaking their campaign Leads the right way, are not only still seeing sales, many are seeing more sales than ever before.

It’s crazy how effective having the right Lead… the right first 300-500 words for your campaign… is, today, when it comes to seeing sales.

And That’s Why I Reached Out To Jack Forde.

Because I knew he could share with me and my team exactly what’s working right now when it comes to having a compelling Lead in today’s crazy environment.

Jack and I, and my Marketing Director, John Mulry, jumped on Zoom.

And for about an hour I peppered Jack with question after question about his insights on structuring an effective Lead today.

Of course, I recorded the whole thing.

Thankfully, because what Jack shared was priceless.

Now… no joke… I’ll tell you how you can get a copy of the entire, unedited recording of our Zoom call, FREE, in just a minute.

But, first, let me share a tiny bit of what you’ll hear Jack sharing with us on this Zoom recording.

Are there any approaches to campaign leads no longer appropriate… ones you shouldn’t be using right now?
​Should you or shouldn’t you tie your campaign to the stuff going on in the news?
The one objective which now guides how Jack approaches setting-up the openers to his marketing campaigns.
What the legends of copy taught… which many entrepreneurs and marketers are still doing today… that is no longer effective right now.
​The one feeling you must conjure in prospects within your Lead which is more essential now than ever.
​One thing you should absolutely remove from your campaign Lead to prevent your prospects from bouncing.
​What you should avoid saying or doing in your Lead right now.
​How to know if your marketing idea is no longer appropriate for your market right now.
​Jack even shared his simple technique for creating the feeling of a personal interaction with prospects within your Lead… something Jack calls the “Promotional Meeting
​And so much more!

This One Call Has Been… And Continues To Be… Worth Its Weight In GOLD For Us.

In fact, just about two weeks ago (as of the publishing of this video) we launched a brand new campaign using just a couple of the gems Jack shares about Leads…

And the campaign is already the single most profitable new customer acquisition campaign we’ve had in almost two years.

I have zero doubt you’ll find the recording of this Zoom call equally as valuable as well for the campaigns you have right now and any new ones you may be planning on launching.


Let Me Tell You How You Can Download A Copy Of The Entire Recording FREE…

And why I’m willing to share this with you.

First reason I’m willing to give this to you, FREE:

Because nothing… and I mean nothing… can impact how well your marketing produces sales more than the Lead of your campaign.

And this recording can help you dial-in your campaign Leads.

Second reason I’m willing to give this to you, FREE:

Because it’s an ethical bribe as part of an offer for something even more valuable than just this one-hour recording.


Well before the quarantine, I brought Jack in from Paris… to Orlando, Florida…

To have him spend an entire day with a few dozen clients teaching them, from A-Z, his entire methodology and approach for crafting ridiculously captivating Leads.

He showed them, no matter the environment or economy or market sentiment, how to identify the perfect Lead for their product and audience.
He showed how to open your marketing campaign with a BANG!… so you captivate your prospects… sucking them in to consume your entire marketing message.
And, he taught a system… which you can use over and over… so you can repeatedly have the most effective opening possible for your marketing campaigns at all times.
Plain and simple:

This Full-Day Boot Camp Is A Masterclass In Setting-Up Leads For Your Campaigns Absolutely Mesmerizing And Almost Irresistible To Your Prospects.

You’re getting the recordings of Jack’s full-day bootcamp, what we’re calling Begin With A Bang! How To Captivate Prospects With An Irresistible Opening To Your Marketing Message.
​You’re getting the unedited recording of the private Zoom call with me, Jack, and my Marketing Director John Mulry.
​You’re getting the full AF Lead-Based Swipe File… annotated by one of the world’s best copy chiefs.
​You’re getting the private Lead Dissection video I recorded for my own team. Dissecting the Lead of our most effective customer-acquisition campaign of the past two years.
​And you’re getting a copy of my go-to Campaign Lead Template — only shared with my team and my E5 Coaching Clients.

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