FB Ads Complete Data Master Package

How To Get Your Facebook Ads Machine Running On All Cylinders in 2020 (and beyond)

Let me know if you’ve had any of these problems with Facebook Ads:

You put money into the Facebook Machine and get nothing back
You get leads from Facebook Ads… BUT none of them convert into customers
Your ad campaigns start off great… and then you hit the proverbial “Facebook Brick Wall
We surveyed 667 Facebook advertisers, and it turns out…
The things we love about Facebook Ads… are also the things we hate.

This love-hate relationship along with a changing landscape are the main reasons I’ve received so many requests for help with Facebook Ads over the past few years.

The way I see it, you have four options…

Armed with the knowledge you’ve gained today, you have some choices when it comes to advertising on Facebook in 2020 and beyond.

You can take what you’ve learned today, and try to fill in the gaps… spending weeks and months of your advertising budget in hopes of putting all the pieces together.
You can hire an expensive agency (that hasn’t done the research or compiled the resources for you that I have) to manage your Facebook Ads account
You can ignore the information I’ve shared… and continue to pull the lever on the Facebook Ads slot machine, hoping eventually Facebook will deliver you results before your budget runs out.
OR you can:

Become an early adopter of a research-based methodology,
Follow a step-by-step system,
And get access to a library of resources…
That will combine to give you the edge on Facebook Ads headed into 2020 and beyond.

Introducing The ONLY online training Program that gives you Command of the Data Driven system for getting impressive results from Facebook Ads

A Unique Opportunity To Master Data Driven Facebook Advertising

The Data Driven FB Ads Mastery program will take you from square one – never having managed a Facebook Ads account before – to advertising with expertise and confidence using the same techniques as the most effective advertising professionals.

This program will also help existing advertisers transform underperforming Facebook Ads campaigns into ROI positive investments.

MODULE 1: FB Ads Bootcamp
This module will Jumpstart your knowledge of our Data Driven methodology, so you’re ready to approach Facebook Ads with strategic command.

In this module, I’ll show you how to:

Set your budget and profit-maximizing targets using the Data Driven FB Ads calculators
Power up your ad tests to get next-level results
Use the Data Driven FB Ads Mastery Playbook
Structure your account the right way to maximize conversions

MODULE 2: Navigating Facebook Ads
In Module 2, You’ll discover how to streamline and structure your Facebook Ads account. You’ll learn how to:

Dial-in your account settings from day-1
Understand audience targeting
Maintain control of your ad spend

MODULE 3: How Facebook Ads Works
Module 3 is all about managing your Facebook Ads account with skill and confidence. In this module, you’ll:

Follow the Data Driven account structure to simplify managing Facebook Ads
Get started with tracking and measuring your results by feeding the right data into Facebook
Identify the right ad placements and schedules to maximize your ad spend
Learn how to win the Facebook Ads Auction

MODULE 4: Mastering Audience Targeting
It’s time to Master the Data Driven audience targeting system. In Module four, you’ll discover how to:

Harness the force of the Data Driven audience targeting system
Create the “Six Audiences” every Facebook advertiser needs to succeed
Go deep on demographics, location, and interests
Discover audience research tactics and resources that give you a competitive advantage
Develop custom audiences, lookalikes, and customer lists
Use the Data Driven process to simplify tracking your results by audience segment

MODULE 5: Getting Your Data Right
Budgeting, tracking, and bid optimization. In Module 5, you’ll discover how to improve your Facebook Ads ROI. Here’s are some of the key skills you’ll gain:

Use your data to train Facebook Ads so you can speed up your path to positive returns
Track and maximize the value of your audience engagements
Increase your reporting accuracy while holding Facebook accountable
Automate and simplify your advertising reports so the information you need is always in plain sight

MODULE 6: Earning A Positive ROI From Facebook Ads
In Module 6, you’ll discover the secrets to using data to maximize your Facebook Ads results. Here are just a few of the skills you acquire in this section of the course, where you’ll learn how to:

Measure your ROI accurately and find your profit maximization sweet spot
Decrease your ad costs by increasing your ad quality
Select bidding and campaign strategies that maximize your budget
Learn ad testing tactics that will dial-in your ad creative
Go beyond the newsfeed to expand your reach
Gain an edge with competitive research
Master the daily, weekly and monthly account tweaks that lead to compounding incremental gains

MODULE 7: Cementing Your Data Driven Advertiser Status
In Module 7, It’s time to complete Data Driven Facebook Ads Mastery and claim your certificate of completion. Here’s some of what you’ll find in this section, where we cover how to:

Score your Facebook Ads knowledge with our end of course quiz
Complete and claim your Data Driven FB Ads Mastery certificate
Breakdown the Facebook Blueprint

You’ll also get access to:

BONUS 1: The Data Driven Quick-Access FB Ads Library
NEVER struggle with Ad Creative and Copywriting Again!

This Library contains over 10,000 Facebook Ads published by 553 of the top advertisers in 2019. You can quickly find Ads by industry segment, ad format, CTA, copy length, etc. Not ONLY that, but you can also see the landing pages every one of these ads uses to convert their traffic.

Never again will you have to guess about what type of ad creative is working and isn’t. Instead, spend just a few minutes inside our Quick-Access Library, and you’ll know exactly how to design your ad creative to win clicks and conversions

BONUS 2: The Data Driven FB Ads Playbook (Full Release November 2019)
Step-by-step guides that show you EXACTLY how to implement marketing tactics that meet your audience’s needs, and match your budget, industry, and advertising goals.

The “one-funnel-for-all” trick is just another gimmick for trying to convert customers. Our playbook is designed to give you an arsenal of solutions for converting customers at every stage of the path-to-purchase.

Lead nurturing
Product testing
Video ad retargeting
Direct to sales
B2B customer acquisition
It’s like a secret marketing handbook for dominating Facebook Ads.


This Playbook has something for every advertiser.

And we cover all the steps you need to follow… every tool you need to use… and every metric you need to monitor.

With this handbook in your back pocket, you’ll never have to look another advertiser’s campaign and wonder “How are they doing it?” Instead, you’ll be able to execute that tactics and strategies that will lead your audience down the path to purchase.

BONUS 3: GTM Powered Facebook Advertising (Releasing January 2020)
Hands-on lessons that will show you how to use Google Tag Manager to fuel your Facebook Ads with superpowered data.

Discover how to use Google Tag Manager to track Facebook advertising events that will add immediate value to your performance. These action-packed lessons will show how to use the most powerful tracking tool in digital marketing to capture more value from your Facebook audiences, so you can use that data to maximize your Facebook Ads ROI.

BONUS 4: Data Driven FB Ads Calculators
Calculate your profit-driven lead costs, budget, and ROI targets in minutes.

The Data Driven ROI
The FB Ads Budget Calculator
And the Data Driven FB Ads Profit Maximizer
Simply enter your business numbers into these calculators and you’ll have targets, projections, and profit calculations ASAP. These calculators will make it easy for you to focus on REAL targets, backed by your own data, so you don’t misspend your budget or get led down the wrong path by Facebook’s metrics.

BONUS 5: The Consolidated Google Data Studio PPC Reporting Dashboard
See all your most important PPC Metrics from Facebook, Google, and/or Bing in consolidated plug-and-play Google Data Studio Dashboard.

As soon as you download these dashboards, it’s plug and play. It’s really simple. Just takes away all the complications.


We’ve taken care of all the dirty work of building the scorecards, graphs, and data blending calculations. All you have to do is plug our GDS Dashboard into your advertising accounts… and it will automatically show off your results!

BONUS 6: Data Tools Discounts
Get massive discounts on premium digital marketing tools.

Our course members get access to deep discounts on data-driven marketing tools like Hotjar, Leadfeeder, Supermetrics, Keyword Hero, and SEMrush.

Author: jacob