Digital Marketer Paid Traffic Mastery 2022


What You Get:
7 Core Modules
72 Video Lessons
Paid Traffic Mastery Workbook that includes notes, tools, templates, and worksheets.
Traffic System Planning Canvas to plan campaigns for every “temperature” of lead
A Tech Stack checklist
Customer Avatar Worksheet to ideate your ideal customers
Customer Value Journey Worksheet for designing a marketing plan that turns cold traffic into customers & brand advocates
Paid Traffic Mastery Pacing Calendar for bite-sized lesson planning that fits into your busy schedule
Paid Traffic Mastery Study Guide to ensure you pass the course with flying colors
Module 1 – Core Concepts of Paid Traffic
Module 2 – Your Tech Stack
Module 3 – Crafting Your Campaign Assets
Module 4 – Google Ads
Module 5 – YouTube Ads
Module 6 – Facebook Ad Network
Module 7 – Scaling Your Ads