Dan Ray White Hat Link Building System

Out Link Your Competition With White Hat Link Building System

Whether you need links for your own site or you sell link building as a service…

You need links!

Links that keep your clients happy and keep you collecting your agency fees/affiliate commissions/blog visitors, month after month, year after year.

Any of this sound familiar?
“I’m frustrated because I’m not earning enough from my SEO work.”
“I can build the first batch of links, but after that I’m lost.”
“I know what I have to do, but I’m worn out just trying to move forward.”
“I’ve read all the blog posts I can… I still feel like they aren’t giving me the answers I need.”

My Turn Key Link Building System

1. Project Tracking Documents
I use 3 optimized documents ensure all of my projects go to plan:

A project tracker, a to-do list, and a dynamic list of search queries to be used by an assigned prospector.

These 3 simple documents provide an almost unlimited amount of “link type” targets.

I’m giving them to you exactly as I use them.

2. Link Training Files
Training on 20 different link types; from my core 8, to pillow links, as well as specialty link types which are highly effective but best used for specific circumstances.

Every link type is classified between two specific “roles”.

This allows easy hand-offs to your chosen team members.

Proper delegation for maximum results.

3. Hiring Guides For Your Team
I show exactly how and where to hire the 3 core team members needed to run these powerful link building campaigns.

All the criteria for finding the perfect:

1) Project Manager

2) Prospector for Link Targets

3) Outreach Specialist

No more wondering how to hire the right people for your team.

Author: jacob