Dan Lok Tube Your Own Horn

“How Me, An Asian Guy With A Heavy Accent, Accidentally Went From Being A Nobody To Now A Household Name And Respected Social Media Influencer Who Touches The Lives Of Millions”

I thought Youtube would be good for business. Yeah i was right in a way… But i also was wrong because…

I knew I could make great money from YouTube…

But since I started YouTube, what I didn’t expect was to be stopped in the streets by fans everywhere I go…

Here’s how Tube Your Own Horn helps you get the respect, influence and lifestyle you deserve!

Week 1: Master Your Mind
The secrets to having a “humble Hollywood mindset” – the foundation of being a confident, successful star on Youtube.

Week 2: Magnify Your Personal Brand
How to choose your niche, wake up excited every day, and create a powerful brand

Week 3: Maximize Your Impact
How to come up with high-impact, persuasive, and addictive video content – even if you don’t know what you’re good at or you’re passionate about – this week also includes a detailed breakdown of how to do fast editing, script writing, thumbnail creation, call to actions, and all the other technical aspects of Youtube

Week 4: Magnetize Your Subscribers
The amazing secrets to capturing attention and having instant charisma on camera without being smart, entertaining or good-looking

Week 5: Measure Your Growth
How to get subscribers fast and how i set myself up to get paid starting on day 1

Week 6: Monetize Your Influence
My personal secrets to monetizing Youtube few people in the world can show you

Author: jacob