A1 Revenue Accelerator Bundle Courses

The A1 Media Buying Academy
100+ Value Packed Video Tutorials (24+ Hours)

The Junior Academy | RRP – $997
A step – by – step beginner friendly programme to teach a newbie what CPA is and how to run, test and scale campaigns successfully.

A1 Revenue Accelerator Junior Academy

Mobile Mastery | RRP – $997
Finally you can understand how to utilise mobile traffic effectively. The mobile mastery covers why and how to make it work in your CPA business.

A1 Revenue Accelerator Mobile Mastery

X-Rated Media Buys | RRP – $997
Adult traffic is where Mr Opulent started and he shares his best strategies and shows you how to profitably run campaigns with adult traffic!

A1 Revenue Accelerator X-Rated Media Buys

Native Ads Academy | RRP – $997
Understand how to grow lucrative marketing campaigns utilising native ad traffic which is one of the biggest sources of traffic in 2019.

A1 Revenue Accelerator Native Ads Academy

Facebook Mastery | RRP – $997
Learn how to create white hat marketing campaigns with facebook and capitalise off one of the best converting traffic sources available.

A1 Revenue Accelerator Facebook Mastery

30 Days To $10k | RRP – $4,997
Exclusive! Watch Mr Opulent make 10K in profit within 30 days and follow his journey, over the shoulder from the beginning.

A1 Revenue Accelerator 30 Days To $10K

The A1 Accelerator
50+ Value Packed Video Tutorials (6+ Hours)

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WEEK ONE: ‘The Foundation’
Keys to making money with performance marketing when you are starting for the first time
How to start rapidly manifesting results with performance marketing
How to start building and managing cashflow for long term sustainability
Developing a million dollar daily routine for hyper-productivity & growing a business at scale
How to raise finances for your business without needing good credit
[Case study] How I Raised Over £50K Of Capital To Scale My Business When I Started Out

WEEK TWO: ‘Competitive Intelligence’
How to pick the most profitable niche based on your experience
How to spot and promote the best offers and products for epic conversions
How to spy on your competitors and steal their most profitable marketing funnels
How to pick the best type of offers suited for your budget so you can create cash cows
How to reverse engineer your competitors & swipe their most profitable funnels & ads

WEEK THREE: ‘Funnels & Tracking’
How to turn $1 of advertising into $2+ of revenue & print money with automated funnels
How to warm cold prospects into warm ones utilising super affiliate style funnels
How to replicate 7 of the most profitable marketing funnels that turns cold traffic into cash
How to track the right way & have complete visibility over every element of your campaign
How to set up tracking to view your campaigns performance when using mobile applications

WEEK FOUR: ‘Acquiring Traffic Profitably’
Keys to advertising successfully online & turning a profit from your advertising
How to turn losing campaigns into profitable ones with long term monetisation strategies
How to create high converting compelling ads by utilising our 3 W’s framework
How to develop million dollar angles for any product you advertise
How to pick the right traffic source to advertise profitably with based on your experience
How to get an unlimited amount of Facebook advertising accounts in virtually any country

WEEK FIVE: ‘Testing, Optimising & Scaling’
How to use the traffic light bidding strategy to turn your losing elements into winners
How to split test your ads for massive profits
How to A|B test and multivariate test your landing pages for massive profits
How to improve your conversion rate so you can start making more money right off the bat
How to add extra ROI to your campaigns for FREE
How to consistently grow your profits on your campaigns
1 million dollar scaling & rapid growth strategies
How to grow a team that can run your business for you

Is The Accelerator Right For You?
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Who This Is For?
An entrepreneur who is ready to take action without excuses
Entrepreneurs with a minimum of $2,000
Entrepreneurs who are committed to running a successful online business.
​Entrepreneurs who are not afraid of hard work.
​Entrepreneurs willing to make any sacrifice to hit their goals.
​Entrepreneurs who are persistent and consistent and do not give up.
Who This Is NOT For?
Freebie Seekers
Client’s looking for push button riches.
Clients who ask “How much money do I need to spend to make…”
​Bitcoin mentality who thinks you can turn $13 into $19K.
​Get rich quick mentality.
​You are on your last dime and don’t have RISK CAPITAL.

Author: jacob