Charlie Houpert Charisma University

What Exactly Is Charisma University?
Charisma University is a 6 week step-by-step program designed to give you all the tools you need to take your charisma to the next level.
It’s over 10 hours of the best training material available.
This isn’t fluffy theory stuff either like you might get in a book. You’ll get real, ready-to-use tools that you can begin to implement immediately so that each week you’re seeing massive strides.

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Mike Shreeve Email Academy

How I earn $450/Hour Writing Emails For Clients . . .
. . . and how I earn 3x that much writing emails for myself (more about that further down this letter).
Let’s not beat around the bush:
If I could show you how to earn $1000 in one day by writing a few emails for clients from the snuggle comfort of your couch, would you be interested?

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Roger Love Speaking Academy

Do you want to know how to master public speaking with Roger Love?
Roger Love is recognized as one of the world’s leading authorities on voice and vocal coaching.
Recently, I’ve been getting vocal coaching lessons from Roger and I’ve noticed huge benefits as a result of working with him.

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Paul Lee EcomX Mentorship Program

Looking for an EcomX Mentorship review? This is a Shopify mentorship by Paul Lee, who claims to be a successful and active 7 figure dropshipper since 2016.
I got access to his course, training and mentorship, which is an 8 week intensive series, with all the necessary personal support to start a successful business.

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Leon Castillo Selfmastered Roadmap

Become a Laser-Focused Top Performer, In A Week
Learn the proven system that ambitious professionals globally are using to choose, plan & achieve their most audacious goals consistently and without fail – all while doing less
How would you like to learn the secret to long-term laser-focused peak performance and start achieving your most ambitious goals consistently – even if you have struggled with motivation in the past?
There is a proven, step-by-step, system for that: The Selfmastered Roadmap

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Tom Breeze YouTube Ads Workshop

why this training.
If I am completely honest with you I am nervous about releasing this training. As an agency, specialising in YouTube advertising, it’s taken us years and millions of dollars worth of testing and refining to understand what works best when it comes to running successful campaigns.
So why tell the world our secrets? Why don’t we just keep them to ourselves?
Well, there are 2 reasons.

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